In April 2016, John Lasater posted a blog entitled The Twelve O'Clock-A Case for Representational Painting in the 21st Century. As a representational artist himself, he offers an informative essay on how viewing art evolved and describes that at some point during the 20th Century, artists viewed imagination to have greater significance over the image and craftsmanship declines when the idea becomes more important and the farther from nature, the less engaging.

I find his blog to be enlightening for I also consider myself a representational artist as my subject matter represents reality and is based on careful drawings which I find is the fundamental framework for all my painted images. My viewpoint is that the conceptual aspect of a painting needs to be successfully manifested through the handling of the medium which then creates the character and qualities of the work. Art can then speak for itself. http://lasaterart.com/the-twelve-oclock-a-case-for-representational-painting-in-the-21st-century/